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May 18 2011

(Another Song) All Over Again

by Justin Timberlake. It seems I’ll do any teaching preparation work EXCEPT the TFA pre-institute work. I think it’s really boring and not practical in the way that Teach Like a Champion is. Also – there is very little evidence in Teaching as Leadership, and I thrive off of evidence. Anyway – it’s gonna get…

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Feb 13 2011

Venus vs. Mars

by Jay-Z My dad has been a teacher for 38 years. He just won an award actually, among many of his others, and he’s done amazing things for his students and his community. Teaching in the same system, in the same classroom for 38 years awards him a level of autonomy many teachers never encounter.…

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Feb 10 2011

Real As It Gets

                               by Jay-Z (all my posts are titled after songs / other pop culture references)   I was re-reading the archives of my personal blog the other day. It’s pretty funny, if i do say so myself, but alejo del tema – let me get back to it. I’m sharing a post about an agregious find I made in a 6th…

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Feb 08 2011

In the time of the butterflies

***i updated my social justice education page and now it’s filled with wonderful information, resources and love and you should totally read it and tell your friends!*** Now back to our regularly scheduled programming: So today I wrote a bilingual literacy unit for 4th graders on the Mirabal Sisters. I want to teach it very, very…

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Feb 07 2011

Teach Me How to Factor

I actually really like math (nerd alert!). In fact I like it so much that I’m writing a trigonometry 101 packet for a genius kid in my dad’s 6th grade class. Awesome. I’m also a hip-hop-head (mostly of the old school variety) so I was browsing YouTube looking for cool math hip-hop inspired videos. I’ll be making…

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Feb 03 2011

I Can

I love organization and scaffolding (the academic, behavioral and inspirational kind), bilingual education and hip-hop. I think I’ve developed the first of many combinations of these things I love. “I Can” by Nas has been in my head all day today. I love Nas so this wasn’t entirely a surprise. I was humming along and…

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