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Jun 04 2011

Spit It Out

By Slipknot File this post under “kids do the darndest things.” Today I was observing my father teach and as I sat outside during recess. A student did something that will forever be etched into my mind. First you need to meet the characters: Ms. B – A fifth grade teacher at my father’s school…

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Mar 29 2011

I got it right ‘ey!

by Mateo My late (and wonderful) boyfriend used to always tell me I should be a principal. I swear he could tell the future. Anyway, now that I’m reflecting, he mentioned something about the scarcity of women of color teaching math and how I’d be the perfect person to teach good, solid math and to…

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Mar 11 2011

Aventura: Teaching in the DR (prologue)

by Aventura. When I was living in the Dominican Republic – I had the extreme privilege of getting to know the most amazing young men I’ve encountered in my life.  I used to kick it with them on our block shooting the breeze about this, that and the other thing. One day one of these…

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