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Apr 29 2011

every day is a winding road

by Prince. i want to make some quality ece, middle and high school teacher-friends in my district. i want to be have a deep understanding of where my students are going and where they’ve been. more specifically, i want to know from algebra 1 teachers and my personal favorite, geometry teachers, what conceptual understanding students…

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Apr 20 2011

pretty girl rock

by keri hilson among the things i can’t wait for: earning a ph.d in math education. it’s a (hopefully) well known-reality that both women and poc are underrepresented in the study of mathematics. women of color in the field of mathematics deal with intersecting oppressions. the first openly black woman in this country to earn…

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by Lil Wayne My Long Division song will be written to the tune of 6 foot 7 by Weezy. I’m going to force my nieces and nephews to be in the video, so it should be a lovely family affair. As I was working on the lyrics I was thinking about teaching and gimmick-ness and…

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Mar 24 2011

Long Division

by Death Cab for Cutie Math education in this country is disappointing at best, terrible at worst and in districts that serve primarily brown / black kids, it’s even worse. Racism and classism make it okay for this to happen and for millions of people to go about their daily lives like it doesn’t even matter.…

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Mar 20 2011

Feelin’ It

by Jay-Z. Nerd alert!: I’ve recently become all about understanding the cognitive processes behind student learning of mathematics. I’ve also discovered that there’s very little research on math learning in elementary grades. I’m so NOT down with this reality because math is not only a really important tool for social justice (because if you understand…

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by Bobby Darin. Google scholar let me down for the first time in a long time. I’m trying to find out (from a developmental psychological / neurological THEN pedagogical perspective) how exactly younger children best learn math and so far I’ve found very little. I want to know how elementary school students LEARN math, rather than how teachers tend…

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