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May 31 2011

Let’s Take A Ride

by Justin Timberlake. I believe I now have an explanation for my amazing ability to drive a standard while texting, changing the music and putting on mascara. According to a wealth of research and some recently highlighted by the nytimes: Q. One would think bilingualism might help with multitasking — does it? A. Yes, multitasking…

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i just wanted to take a second to make peace with structured english  immersion, because at the end of the idea, it’s not a bad idea. in fact it works for a lot of students a lot of the time (even the supreme court thinks so). so why isn’t everyone and their mother using sei?…

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Apr 25 2011

i’m so LA

by MYNX After a lengthy break-up with the New York Times, I’ve started a relationship with the LA times and things are going swimmingly. I like the LA times and I really, despite my earlier prejudices, love LA. Me and the LA times spent the morning reading about bilingual education and closing the racial achievement…

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Apr 05 2011

Every Ghetto, Every City

by Lauryn Hill Yay! I passed my 1st California certification test. The CSET multiple subjects wasn’t hard, it just happened to cover everything from Mycenean Greece to Pythagorean Geometry to Learning Disability legislation. No big though – and it’s over: Amen.  Now I’m set to battle with a more formidable foe:  The CSET Bilingual Authorization…

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Mar 15 2011

Brooklyn We Go Hard

by Jay-Z. Living in Brooklyn really makes any other city pale in comparison – including LA. I grew up and went to  college in Massachusetts then lived everywhere (most major US cities and a few international ones included) - but was most impressed with Brooklyn (I also lived in Manhattan and would pick Brooklyn over the…

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