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May 23 2011

Beautiful Surprise

by India Arie Color me surprised (and pardon the bad pun!). People seem to love when I write about race – that or they really hate it. I got about 3 times more hits than my average for my comments on racism. Interesting – I’m not really sure how I feel about that. I definitely…

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May 20 2011

The Show Goes On (Part 1)

by Lupe Fiasco I think it’s pretty funny, in the grand scheme of things – that I called out someone on their racism on this site and got heat for it, when, about an hour earlier, the individual in question called herself racist (or more accurately, guilty of what she called ‘discrete racism’). How maintaining-of-the-power-structure…

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May 19 2011

This is why I’m hot

by Mims I’m so PISSED right now. I need to remind myself that there are amazing, inspiring, down CMs who are DOING WORK every single day. For now it’s a little eclipsed by open racism by CMs (who for whatever reason love to talk about their racism on this very website). In fact, a CM…

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Apr 27 2011

tired of america

by rufus wainwright. i really can’t with you today, america. i just cannot. i’m disgusted with the media for constantly airing stories about obama’s birth certificate and citizenship status. listen american media – there will always be crazies, it’s ridiculous to time and time again elevate their ranting and pretend these ranting are news. unacceptable,…

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Apr 25 2011

i’m so LA

by MYNX After a lengthy break-up with the New York Times, I’ve started a relationship with the LA times and things are going swimmingly. I like the LA times and I really, despite my earlier prejudices, love LA. Me and the LA times spent the morning reading about bilingual education and closing the racial achievement…

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Apr 05 2011

April 4th, 1968

My soul is heavy today. Marking the anniversary of the death of Dr. King is crucial and painful,  horriffic and important, just and necessary and deeply, deeply personal. Dr. King wasn’t just an ideology, he was a real  person who inspired other people and who, at the end of the day, had faith in the…

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Mar 21 2011

What a wonderful world

by Louis Armstrong. So this morning, on my way to work, some lady who felt I cut her off decided to drop the n-bomb on me. Obviously she did it because it was the most offensive thing she could think of to say and she wanted to do as much damage as possible without actually…

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Feb 27 2011

the miseducation of lauryn hill

Back in the day, when I was teaching ESL and Spanish literacy in Argentina, my good friend and curriculum writing buddy (who is French) was explaining to me in French why she found American pedagogy to be lacking (so excuse if I misunderstood ever so slightly amiga!). Basically she (somewhat ironically for those of us…

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Feb 08 2011

In the time of the butterflies

***i updated my social justice education page and now it’s filled with wonderful information, resources and love and you should totally read it and tell your friends!*** Now back to our regularly scheduled programming: So today I wrote a bilingual literacy unit for 4th graders on the Mirabal Sisters. I want to teach it very, very…

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Jan 31 2011

No, no, no

Uh-oh. Today I’m doubting my decision to become a corps member and I haven’t even made it to institute. My heart is heavy from hearing 99 billion different iterations of “I’m better than these kids, so I will go and save them.” No one says it like that of course, it’s clothed in reasonable sounding statements…

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Jan 25 2011

Just the facts

I love this country. Though sometimes my anxiety about becoming a bilingual educator mixed with excessive studying for the CSET (one of 2 certification tests California needs me to pass to be a teacher) makes me shake my head in shame,  Let me recap: Arizona essentially makes it illegal to be / look Mexican Arizona…

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Jan 21 2011

Why I’m about it


Many of my friends will cringe, more will curse, most will click their tongues in shame because today I officially became a Teach for America Corps Member. My friends love me, but disapprove of my choice for several reasons, two of which I’ve loudly argued for, but am now about to argue against. My people…

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