who writes this?

My Pen name is Adrilicious

  • I’m a teacher
  • I have mixed feelings about grammatical conventions.
  • I think there are inspirational messages in old school hip hop and I plan to tell the kids :).
  • I joined TFA because I care about ending poverty and violence.
  • I really care about mathematics education, a lot.
  • I went to Mount Holyoke (loved it!), worked in the anti-violence movement in the US and abroad, then went to Yale for graduate school (hated it!). I ditched Yale to teach and am so glad I made that decision :)
  • I’d want to get a PhD in elementary math education (we can’t get to justice until every last one of us can understand the numbers and be economically empowered). Then maybe be a mathematics coordinator / principal. Vamos a ver.
  • And lastly, because identity matters, I’m a part of the brown family.

At Si Se Puede I’ll blog about education and social justice, namely:

  • My experience as a teacher or color working with kids of color
  • My thoughts and insights on urban education
  • My deep and abiding love for mathematics education
  • Anti-racist pedagogy
  • My fails and my wins
  • Awesome teaching tools
  • Folks doing the work and doing it well
  • Hip-Hop (mostly of the old school¬† variety)¬†and how I integrate it into classroom instruction