May 14 2014

Are You Ready?

One thing I’m really good at is talking to white teachers (who are ready) about how to interrupt white supremacy in the classroom. Obviously this matters to me, because I’m over and done with the criminalization of black and brown kids (and adults) and I’d like to see the end of the school to prison pipeline closed, like, uh, yesterday. I get lots of requests and emails asking this very crucial question from white teachers?

Am I ready?

Let me just answer that question right here:

1. Are you ready to get your feelings hurt?

Because they are going to get hurt a lot. You are going to feel bad and guilty and sad. You are going to feel personally attacked and victimized. You’re going to have to get over it though, because it’s part of the process. Surely you don’t want your hurt feelings getting in the way of undoing all the harm racism and…

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