May 07 2014

Learning is cool tho

I’m sure you know about about MIT offering a good chunk of it’s courses online for free right here. This summer, in addition to writing the best math curriculum ever and building an app to go with it, I plan to take courses on Single Variable Calculus (to put my head in the place of a student, who hopefully learns to innovate with calculus) and maybe bilingualism. Yea, that’s ambitious, but I’m just curious. Also – I like the feeling when my classroom feels like an actually laboratory for innovating. I can’t facilitate innovation, if I can’t do it myself. Teachers really are great innovators because like ER doctors we have to diagnose and treat quickly and about a million times a day.

Anyway, I want to document the work of teachers through photographs and short interviews. If you’re on either the east coast or the west coast and want to be featured in my photobook of teachers comment below (no students will be featured, I’ll take the pictures myself of you and do a 20 minute interview with you).

Have an awesome summer. I’m looking forward to learning and innovating and taking those lessons back to class in the fall. I hope you are too :)

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