May 06 2014

It’s (almost) the end of the year and it’s hard, but love your kids a ton!

It’s the end of the year and hopefully your classroom feels like a family. If it doesn’t (or it feels like a family who has spent a little to much time together) then go back to the basics and try these steps:

  1. Make connections: When I learned a particular student’s name was shared with a professional athlete, I asked him if he was a better player than the famous dude. Instant smile and instant connection.
  2. Take the blame: When you make a mistake ask all of the students to point to you and say “who’s fault was that?  Mine! My bad – let me fix it.” Take responsibility and let students know that your part of the community and when you mess up – you’ll make it right.
  3. Make a corny joke and acknowledge that’s it corny. Thank the one or two kids that laughed, then say you’re still stuck making 4th grade jokes. Ask them to forgive you. This humanizes you and makes you approachable.
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