Apr 08 2014

On Teaching Black

Note: this post is teaching black, not teaching while black. That’s another whole thing that we’ll talk about later. This post is about teaching in a way consistent with black cultural codes (don’t be racist, I’m talking about the things that are awesome about black culture, because there isn’t a single problem with the black community that can’t be solved by the complete eradication of white supremacy).

So what is teaching black? Think of it like this – I know how to survive in the world as a black woman. Teaching black is teaching in a way that gives my kids the skills to be leaders to survive and thrive in the classroom and in the world, and to love every single little bit of their blackness. You don’t have to be black to teach black. I’ve seen 4 white teachers kill it teaching black.

I also kill it teaching black. I don’t think I’d kill it teaching white (like consistent with middle class white cultural codes and teaching white kids how to navigate the world – I don’t want to do the former and I can’t do the latter).

Here’s an oft cited example:

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