Apr 04 2014

Understanding financial aid is hard: We’ve got free support for students!

Hey TeachForUs,

Just wanted to let you know about the free financial aid one-on-one consultations my organization, The Hip Hop Education Project, is offering to high school seniors trying to interpret their financial aid packages. Please let any high school teachers / students / parents you know that this is completely free and all students need to do is sign up here:


Unfortunately many low-income students don’t have a counselor who has the time to sit down and explain their financial aid package and the consequences of taking out large loans. (Grants? loans? PLUS? It’s super confusing without support and the counselor to student ratio in CA is over 1000:1). Please reach out to your network to let students, teachers and parents know that there’s free help!

We don’t care where a student is from, what their racial background is, what their gender is or what their immigration status is. We’re here to help anyone who needs it!

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