Apr 02 2014

The Engagement Diaries

It’s super important to teach kids your values (not because they don’t come in with values of their own, but because it’s important for them to understand why your classroom is structured as it is). Okay so you’re putting values on the table right? You can only enact those values when your classroom is structured around those values. Let me illustrate with a story:

One of my key values my first year teaching was: Hold Tight (which meant, if someone was having a hard time – behaviorally, socially or otherwise, we’d treat them like family and help them out). Sometimes, detention was the way I helped out my students having behavioral problems (I’ll talk in a later post about what my detention looked like – it was not writing lines, it was youth leadership development. If you’re creating problem in my classroom you’re brave and have leadership skills – you just need to own and redirect them). So, I needed to be clear about what would earn a detention and give kids opportunities to interrupt their own problematic behavior.

So here’s how my progressive discipline system worked (with thanks to soccer for inspiration…

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