Mar 19 2014

The World is Yours

Hey Teachforus -

I’m starting a critical hip-hop pedagogy reading group. I’m really interested in engaging teachers, former teahcers and soon-to-be teachers. Everything I do is fun fun fun, so if you’re in the Bay Area and even a little interested, please be so kind as to fill out this google doc (it’ll take you less than 8 mins). Please also share this info with others.

One of the things I love about TFA is that many people who aren’t in the classroom are doing awesome education related work for low-income students of (mostly) color. I personally (and yes, I realized my sample is biased because I tended to build relationships with folks who joined TFA on the social justice tip). However – just as a sample folks I know have developed awesome summer camps, amazing edtech organizations that empower parents to empower their kids, nutrition education programs and a million more awesome orgs. For all of the struggle I’ve had with TFA (though things are turning around) I’m really inspired by the work my friends are doing.

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