Jan 30 2014


by Beyonce

I’m working on this curriculum (hint it has to do with Beyonce) and I’m thinking a lot about innovation. I’m also thinking about interrupting. Before I joined TFA I did anti-violence work including trying to keep kids away from commercial sex trafficking. One of my 75 million projects is to develop this anti-trafficking plan for the school I’m starting, because teachers are often front line social service workers. I mean that’s beautiful because teachers can be the ones to interrupt the cycle of violence, but it’s also a huge, HUGE responsibility. Still – it’s one we can’t afford to shirk and it would be nice if there were more resources available to school admins to combat trafficking (because yes it’s that widespread and that serious). Our toolkit will be out next year, but damn, it’s a cruel world, you definitely gotta know what you’re fighting for.

That brings me to my next point: Beyonce (obviously). I love her new album (except Drunk in Love, because boasting about domestic violence is not cool) and it kind of reminds of something. She rewrote the rules for releasing an album, something that had been kind of enshrined in pop culture. She did it without telling anybody, and she made a mostly fantastic album that showed growth. How do I get my students to both the ability and the vision to innovate? How can they (actually it’s we) be more like Beyonce. How can we work really hard, let our imperfections show, but be unafraid of creating and moving forward. My school is all about answering this questions.

Too bad the album is too sexy and I can’t really listen to it at school, but it reminds of critical hip hop social theory is so many ways (wondering how that applies to schools? read more here). Anyway – I’ve obviously caught the rambles, but let’s go ahead and do the work we need to do to keep our kids safe and engaged as empowered innovators (not you know, just test passers).


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