Nov 14 2013


by Justin Timberlake

Obviously, I’m on a Timbo kick – but that’s “Not a Bad Thing” (see what I did there??!?) Anyway – before I digress into my deep and abiding love for Mr. Timberlake, let me talk about charter applications: they are long.

My Charter School application will be about 330-350 pages. They will be the well written, they will be compelling. Right now – the problem is that they are my life. The beautiful thing is that I’m typing my school into life. The problem is that it’s probably taking years off of my life. It’s 500% worth it though to bring together hip-hop pedagogy and design-based thinking AND youth empowerment. It’s worth it I keep telling myself. I get to write something into existence.

You can read more (and donate!) here: The Hip-Hop Education Project

You can read the charter application in 3 months, assuming I don’t die first :)

3 Responses

  1. I wish I could go to high school and learn at your school!! When there’s a mailing list, please put me on it: [email protected]

    Also, where is your school hypothesized to be? Are you working through BES or a similar fellowship program? I want to know 800 more details about this!

  2. EL

    You do realize that charter schools are part of the problem, right?

    • adrilicious

      Some charter schools are. I’d argue that poverty is the problem, but I hear you!

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