Jul 04 2011

I hate TFA

I really do. It’s a song – it’s just the words haven’t been written for it yet. There’s so much bullshit – I could fill a swimming pool. Instead – I’ll just bow out (of blogging on TeachForUs). What? You thought I’d back off teaching the kids because TFA is a hot mess? No fucking way. I will be taking my blogging to other lands because I feel like the clear ethos on this site is to drink the kool aid and I’m just not feeling it. I’ll (maybe) post the link if anyone cares to read.

Before I sign off – let me just say, institute is no thang. Honestly¬† – who complains about having 3 meals a day prepared for them, free training, a teacher mentor and having lots of work that’ll make you good at your job in the fall? Only people with too much privilege. Let’s keep it real.

Ciao TeachForUs – it’s been real.

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  1. aea107

    i would really like to read your new blog and have also been contemplating a switch. i don’t mind the ethos on here so much as i don’t like that my blog is connected to my tfa email and my name and my region. this significantly diminishes the candor i would otherwise display which kinda defeats the purpose of a blog. if you’re willing to post the link, i will definitely read it. i have appreciated your posts from the start–they definitely a healthy dose of reality and perspective.

  2. Wess

    Gah, please don’t leave! Yes there’s a lot of complaining and drinking the kool-aid, but that’s exactly why I need you here. I’m picturing people like you coming across this site and not applying because they don’t see a perspective like yours represented–then TFA continues to be really bad at looking at privilege and race instead of being pushed to be better by CMs with their head on straight.

    (and a selfish reason: if you’re blogging on here I can be more sure that you’re reading–and knowing you’re reading has had a huge influence on my thinking and my writing.)

    Re: aea107, on candor: I’ve had no problem being completely honest while knowing my name, region and TFA email are attached to my blog. I’m honest because that’s who I am, not because it’s a blog and I feel somehow liberated by anonymity. Sure, if I weren’t as into TFA as I am, it’d be more difficult to be as open–but honesty is always the smartest choice, and that doesn’t change because my views are this or that.

    … please don’t leave. There’s no “ethos” of blogging here. Everyone’s blog is as independent as they want it to be, and there are no rules against hating TFA publicly. If you don’t want to read anyone else’s blog, don’t. If you don’t want to read comments, disable comments. But don’t let us silence you.

    • aea107

      i agree with everything you said re: this blog. i guess i also kinda agree with you’re saying in response to my comment (since the function of a blog shouldn’t be to be an outlet for anonymous hatred), but, like, for the last entry i posted about having trouble as an introvert with TFA “culture,” i felt super uncomfortable knowing other Baltimore people might read it and know who I was. but i don’t want to derail these comments!

  3. leighmke

    Please don’t leave. I think having a dissenting voice is really important. When people (non-TFA) come to this site to get an insight into how TFA works, I think it’s super important to have a well-rounded view. I’m not the biggest TFA cheerleader, and I think that it’s a vital part of the TFA experience that is missing and will be missing if people like you (who have reasoned, rational disagreements with the program) leave the site. Stay, please!

  4. I’d really like to read your new off-site blog, if you set one up. Drop me an email if your comfortable with that.

  5. cc113

    i would like to read your blog, if and when you choose to continue sharing your thoughts. your insight on social justice, on bilingualism, tfa’s hot mess, is what some former/current/prospective CMs need to hear.

  6. M. Stack

    Charter Schools
    Civil Rights Movement of Our Time

    In reality all of this is
    Smoke and Mirrors
    A Will to Power

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