Jun 28 2011

The Kool-Aid

So hey y’all. It’s been a few – not because I didn’t have time, but because frankly I wasn’t sure I wanted to share my thoughts. Teach for America is a hot as mess in many ways and the amount of racist and ridiculous things I’ve heard over the past week and a half have been legendary. However (and this is a big however) there are individuals here who are amazing, inspirational and truly committed to working to change education in this country for the better. I could go into a long critique of TFA, but it probably wouldn’t be interesting to an one but fellow CMs (corps members).

Let’s just leave it like this: I’m not too keen on the kool-aid, but there’s some valuable things written in the recipe.

What else? Oh yeah, without sounding cocky or anything – the Bay corps is ridiculously awesome.

Lastly – I still believe in education for social justice. Sometimes TFA puts that into practices, sometimes it really doesn’t. I need to work on my poker face because apparently my disdain for certain TFA approaches / concepts shows. Anyway – it’s a means to an end right?

I lied, but now for real lastly. Institute isn’t that scary. I’ll write more about it later, but it’s really just teaching and teacher prep – which is what we all signed up for. No big deal.

2 Responses

  1. Annie

    Dude, I was so relieved when I read this. I’ve had serious regrets/second thoughts. First of all, the content of induction and institute is so watered down it’s ridiculous. Secondly, the intense rhetoric is horrible.

  2. parus

    So I guess things HAVEN’T changed much, then :D

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