Jun 04 2011

Spit It Out

By Slipknot

File this post under “kids do the darndest things.” Today I was observing my father teach and as I sat outside during recess. A student did something that will forever be etched into my mind. First you need to meet the characters:

Ms. B – A fifth grade teacher at my father’s school

Seth – A 6th grade student at my father’s school who is easily 5’7 and easily passes for 16.

So all is well and good, students are playing foursquare, hanging upside down on the monkey bars, running, screaming, playing soccer and laughing with their friends. As I’m enjoying the jubilant sounds of children playing, Seth walks by. As Seth strolls by he strategically places half of a donut in his mouth so he can eat the whole things in one giant bite. He places it into his mouth the long way. All seems fine until Ms. B asks Seth how he’s doing. Instead of swallowing his now partially digested donut, he reaches into the back of his throat, regurgitates the donut, pulls it out of his mouth, says he’s good, then places it back in his mouth and swallows it whole. I’ve seen many a gross thing – and I’m placing this in the top 25. Horrifying. Wow. Oh, #thejoysofteaching :).

as an aside: 2011 CMS: I love hearing about induction, keep it coming. I’m super jealous because I can’t wait to be there myself!

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