May 23 2011

Beautiful Surprise

by India Arie

Color me surprised (and pardon the bad pun!). People seem to love when I write about race – that or they really hate it. I got about 3 times more hits than my average for my comments on racism. Interesting – I’m not really sure how I feel about that. I definitely wanted to write a blog that found away to make more space for social justice education. I’m wondering how it might make sense for me to explicitly incorporate anti-racism into it:

  1. I will add an anti-racist education / ally resource page. Give me a few days.
  2. I might debunk a few myths now and again.
  3. I might continue to have discussions about race when I feel like something needs to be called out.

Here’s the thing though – racism is ugly stuff and it’s often that people who are trying to be allies get their feelings hurt. Much like I’d be hard pressed to truly feel for a man dealing with his male privilege, I’m similarly hard pressed to feel bad for white folks about their guilt. I DO want to connect you with folks who can feel your pain and help you work through it

I don’t really think a discussion on critical race theory is super easily translated to teacher actions in the classroom – but some authors do a really good job of breaking this down. I might do a little segment on the anti-racist author of the week – I might not. I don’t really know what I might want anti-racism to look like in this blog, but I’m for sure down to tell you what it looks like in my classroom.

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