May 18 2011

(Another Song) All Over Again

by Justin Timberlake.

It seems I’ll do any teaching preparation work EXCEPT the TFA pre-institute work. I think it’s really boring and not practical in the way that Teach Like a Champion is. Also – there is very little evidence in Teaching as Leadership, and I thrive off of evidence. Anyway – it’s gonna get done, but not right now!

Since I’ve been reading lots of teaching related things I’ve been getting jazzed about the schools that use evidence backed pedagogical tools, or are featured by my favorite authors. Of the practical things I’ve come across are videos on the Uncommon Schools site that are pretty sweet and pretty practically oriented.

My close (read: obsessive) reading of TLAC has also made me fall in love with SLANT (Sit-up, Listen, Ask questions, Nod, Track the speaker – it really works, amazing!). I translated it into Spanish as PEDIR (Preguntar, Escuchar, Dar cabezadas, Incorporarse, Rastrear el / la hablante). The order is different in Spanish – it actually says ask questions before it says listen. I don’t love it – but I want a question filled classroom so I’m gonna make it work. Will there be consequences (either good or bad) for my students in terms of the amount of questions asked during Spanish language instruction time? Is that because they’ll feel more comfortable, or does it seem like that’s the language they should use to ask questions? This little causality loop is driving me nuts (all over again) – whatever – no translation is exact and we can talk about using languages in specific settings for certain reasons, todo bien.

Todo is in fact bien because California schools are getting some cash back (from earlier cuts). Okay, not todo, but algo anda bien – and I’ll take it!

PS – I am working on an amazing collaboration with the woman who has emerged as my teacher soulmate, details to follow! High five Just Call Me Maesta, we’re about to WORLDROCK!

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  1. T. Ro. Dub.

    Thanks for the link to the Uncommon School site. It’s great!

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