May 13 2011

let me love you

by brian mcknight

teaching is hard work, no doubt about that. but it’s also really awesome and really funny (and i wish it was more common to share the joys than the pain – catharsis is important, but so are laughter and celebration). today i taught a 2nd grade classroom. they were amazing of course. we were practicing distinguishing between adjectives and adverbs and when we finished – they asked for more! they were really into it. also – it’s really nice to get the chance to practice some of the things in teach like a champion. my favorite technique is ‘no opt out’ in which students do not have the opportunity to avoid answering a question. if a student doesn’t have the answer to a question for whatever reason, another student can help and provide the answer. the first student then has to repeat that answer. then, like 10 minutes later, the teacher has the first student give the answer again and build on it. brilliance, pure brilliance and it worked like a charm. my oh my i love that book.

i also saved a student from a monkey bar disaster. after she told me; “your hand eye coordination saved my life.” hilarious. i love kids and teaching, and it’s a lot of work, but it’s also fun and funny as hell.

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