May 12 2011

swagger like us

by MIA

i love watching my teach like a champion dvd. the teachers are so boss – it’s totally inspiring. teachers – if you really think about it – have to have presence and the ability to own a space. teachers have to deliver instruction, monitor work, student focus and manage behavior. it takes someone with an incredible amount of swagger to teach. i mean teachers have to be ready to go hood on a student or a class at the drop of a hat. they also have to be ready to be a loving mama bear for a kid or a class. leadership, as it were, has to be enacted. teachers HAVE to own their classrooms, have to be loving authority figures and have to be able to turn on their swagger before the walk into their classroom on the daily. teacher have to be captivating with their words. so teachers have to act a little bit like rappers :).

as much as i’m working on my pedagogical knowledge and my tricks of the trade broken down by TFA and in teach like a champion, i’m just thankful i was born with a crazytown amount of swag. now i just have to channel my swagger and assuming it can be tamed, this whole adventure just might work out…

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  1. G

    It took me a good part of my first year to acquire that swagger to the point that it’s now second nature! I feel very comfortable in my “teacher skin” now…:)

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